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UGMA Trade-In Offer

What Would You Trade for Reliability?  

Tired of sending your moisture tester in for repairs? Wasting time waiting for it to be returned from service? Or do you have an old instrument at your elevator that doesn't meet the new UGMA standard? Wish you could trade it all in for something more reliable? Well now you can ...  


Trade-In for a

GAC 2500-UGMA and Receive: 

Unbeatable Accuracy

Unsurpassed Support

American Quality

DICKEY-john Trade-In Promotion

To help you prepare for the busy harvest season, DICKEY-john is pleased to offer a new trade-in promotion for the GAC 2500-UGMA Moisture Tester - the industry leader in quality, accuracy and reliability. By simply trading in your Perten AM 5200 Moisture Tester, or even an old DICKEY-john or other brand moisture tester, we will give you money back on the purchase of a new GAC 2500-UGMA instrument.


Trade-In Unit

     Rebate Value

Perten AM 5200 Moisture Tester      e-mail for details

DICKEY-john Moisture Tester

  • GAC 2100b
  • GAC 2000
     e-mail for details
All Other Non-DICKEY-john Moisture Testers      e-mail for details

Interested in Participating? Please contact:

Kevin Days



*Trade-Ins Available for a Limited Time Only.