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Test Hot Grain

Accurately Control Your Dryer

If your elevator has upgraded to a new UGMA moisture meter and you haven?t, you are placing your operation at risk of either under-drying or over-drying your grain (or both). To document the differences between technologies, we ran a test at a large farming operation in southern Minnesota during the 2015 harvest. The test consisted of running a sample of corn on a new UGMA moisture meter and the same sample on a moisture meter based on old technology. The results may surprise you:

UGMA-2100 Test Plot Chart.jpg

If you're using a moisture meter to adjust your drying operation, you expect accuracy. Each of the orange squares in the graph that fall off the line represents the potential for lost revenue for your grain operation. In fact, one out of every two samples in our test was off by a minimum of 0.3% from the new UGMA meter. If you?re using a moisture meter based on old technology and are hauling to an elevator with the new UGMA technology, is your moisture meter really helping you? Consider upgrading to the DICKEY-john GAC� 2500-AGRI today.

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