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Seeding Tips

Ensure that all harnesses are still connected.
Do this in case some might have gotten disconnected since last planting season. Another good idea is to ensure that all harnesses are still attached as close to the frame as possible. Check your harness routing and retie any cable ties if necessary.

Clean hitch connector and sensor connections.
This ensures that they are still clean because dirty connections might lead to intermittent sensor readings. While down there in the row unit, it would also be a good idea to clean any dust that might have accumulated in the sensor itself. Clean with a DICKEY-john cleaning brush.

Check the seed tube itself.
Are there any foreign materials like clumps of dirt or rock lodged in the tube? They will need to be removed to ensure proper seed flow. Verify that the seed tube is not cracked or broken.

Check the battery terminals and clean if necessary.

Unplug all harness connections and check for cleanliness.
Clean them if they are dirty.

When cleaning the tube or seed tube assembly, it is best to use the supplied bottle brush with mild soap and water.
A bottle brush is an ideal method of application.

Inside the tractor, it would be a good idea to clean the indicator light bulbs if you have an old monitor (DICKEY-john PM3000 series or earlier) to ensure maximum visibility.
The bulb terminals can be cleaned with a simple shop rag.

All seed sensors should be checked to see if they are functioning properly before you go out in the field.
The easiest method for checking the sensors is to power up the system and examine the diagnostic LED on the sensor. If the LED is illuminated, then the sensor is working and ready to monitor your seeding application. Another good testing method is to drop a seed through the tube and sensor and look to see if the LED flashes.

Start a habit of recalibrating your speed sensor at the beginning of every season to ensure proper population calibration.

When it comes to planting, DICKEY-john offers a number of products to help reduce costs: