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DICKEY-john Mini GAC 2500 - A new dimension of grain moisture analyzer

January 13, 2017

DICKEY-john announces the release of the mini GAC® 2500, the first and only handheld grain moisture tester built using 149 MHz technology, the new technology adopted in recent years by thousands of elevators world-wide.


Since the 1990’s, handheld moisture meters have used low electrical frequency to measure grain moisture, with success in matching the moisture meter being used at the local elevator, who historically also used low frequency technology. However, the switch to 149 MHz / UGMA technology by elevators since 2012 has created an environment where handheld meters using old technology will not match the new instruments at the elevator. Producing a mis-match of moisture readings between the Producer and the grain Elevator.


“Moisture measurement inaccuracies are the greatest potential for loss of profit to farmers”, says Roger VanderKolk, DICKEY-john Global Product Manager.  “In today’s environment of low grain prices, farmers must evaluate every step in their operation to search for savings. Inaccurate moisture measurements have the potential to cost farmers thousands, of Euro’s in drying costs, dockages charges, grain damage and shrinkage fees every year. The introduction of the new mini GAC® 2500 places the producer in position of strength, allowing them to know that their moisture reading of their grain will be matched by their Elevator.”


The mini GAC® 2500 is equipped with Bluetooth communication capability that exports data to DICKEY-john’s first mobile moisture application, suitable for both iOS and Android phones and tablets. “The farmer is not always the one running the moisture test on the grain in many of today’s farming operations”, says VanderKolk. “The ability to directly send the moisture data from the worker to the farmer will significantly reduce communication errors that lead to bad decision-making for grain storing and distribution”.


In addition to 149 MHz moisture measurements, the mini GAC® 2500 also provides the industry-leading accurate test weight measurements that farmers have come to expect from DICKEY-john.