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GAC 2500S1 Upgrade

Due to the USDA’s recent implementation of the Universal Grain Moisture Algorithm Standard for fall grains, DICKEY-john is offering a time-limited program to upgrade your GAC 2500S1 to an UGMA-compatible instrument at minimal cost to you.

Key Advantages of Upgrading:

  • Reduced variation with federally approved instruments and compliance with the new USDA moisture standard
  • Design enhancements based on extensive grain drop testing
    • Increased grain deflection — The orientation of several internal parts was modified to provide a more direct path for excess grain to go directly to the drawer and not interfere with the instrument mechanics.
    • Sample Contamination — While grain will always have some degree of static, the material of key plastic parts was changed to lessen the impact of static electricity.
    • Improved Accuracy — Cell fill is extremely important in moisture tester accuracy. Tolerances in the measuring cell were tightened and the gap between the strike-off brush and cell was eliminated.
    • Shipping brackets — included to lock the measuring cell during transport.
  • Software upgrades for the highest level of customization in the marketplace today
    • Auto Fill Mode — choose to fill the measuring cell automatically or manually by pressing an on-screen button.
    • Cleaning Mode — an intuitive mode that opens up all the trap doors for easy cleaning of the instrument’s internal mechanics
    • On-screen QWERTY keyboard — choose between the standard DICKEY-john keyboard and a QWERTY keyboard

How to Participate:

  1. Contact DICKEY-john to Schedule your Upgrade.

    Technical Support and Sales

    Monday thru Friday - 7:00 am - 5:00 pm central time


    When scheduling your appointment, please be prepared to provide:
    • Your instrument’s serial number (located on the back of the instrument)
    • Return shipping information (i.e. Bill of Lading, FedEx or UPS account number, etc.)
    There are a limited number of upgrade appointments available each week. Appointments will be scheduled on a first come, first served basis. Please allow two weeks for the complete upgrade and instrument return.
  2. Back-up Instrument Data

    During the upgrade process, all data stored on your instrument will be erased. Please back-up your data prior to sending your instrument to DICKEY-john.

    Follow these instructions to back-up the data:
    1. At the Main Menu screen, press the Results button.
    2. At the Results screen, press the View Results button.

      NOTE: A momentary pause may occur before test results appear on screen. Do not press any buttons during this time.
    3. Insert USB memory device and press the USB button to transfer product results to a computer. All results are transferred to USB regardless of Filter setting.
  3. Ship Instrument to DICKEY-john

    DICKEY-john Corporation
    Attn: Upgrade Program
    5200 Dickey John Road
    Auburn, IL 62615

    To allow for transit time, please ship your instrument 4-5 days prior to your scheduled upgrade appointment. Please take care when packaging your instrument for shipping to avoid damage. If damage is found on your instrument, DICKEY-john will contact you regarding repair options and cost.
  4. DICKEY-john to Upgrade Instrument

    The upgrade processing will be completed by DICKEY-john, free of charge. Your instrument will be returned, fully upgraded, in approximately two weeks.

    Return shipping will be handled according to your specifications given at the time you made your appointment.

Warranty Information:

  • For products that have more than 90 days of original DICKEY-john warranty remaining as of the date the upgraded system is shipped back to the customer, no warranty adjustment will be made.
  • Parts repaired or replaced as a result of repair services are warranted to be free from defects in workmanship and material, under normal use, for 90 days from the date of shipment.


Questions or Status Inquiries?

Please Contact:
Technical Support and Sales

Monday thru Friday - 7:00 am - 5:00 pm central time