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UniRate™ Seed Sensor

The UniRate™ Seed Sensor works with all seed types regardless of seed size and shape

This includes: Rapeseed, Sugar Beets, Peas, Beans, Onions, Corn and Broccoli. The UniRate™ Seed Sensor accurately counts seeds while planting to ensure that the correct rate is being applied. No skips or misplaced seeds have been allowed giving confidence that your precision planting unit is working to its full potential and ensuring the maximum yield and profitability for your planted crop.


Eliminate Seed Sensing Dead Zones

Optical seed sensors work under the principal of photo detection. Light emitting diodes (LEDs) create a thin field of light across the interior of the seed tube. A photo detector on the opposite side of the tube continuously monitors the intensity of the light. Any seed that disrupts the sensing zone’s light source is detected by the photo detector cell and the corresponding seed pulse is communicated to the monitor.

The UniRate Seed Sensor is a compact sensor allowing fitment to many planters where space is at a premium and larger sensors with large amounts of LED’s cannot be used. Its design allows the customization of
the sensor mounting brackets by the machine’s OEM, thereby utilizing a standard sensor product which makes the UniRate Seed Sensor an extremely cost effective solution.

The UniRate Seed sensor is an extremely accurate sensor with up to 98 percent accuracy depending upon the seed size and planting rate. When the sensor is exposed to sunlight there is no appreciable degradation in performance for seeds larger than 3mm.

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