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Central hydraulic control valve

The PVC3000 offers one complete hydraulic system customized for your salt spreading and/or hydraulic plow control needs.

Design your system by using it with your DICKEY-john Control Point, ICS2000, or LT for material spreader control, or with a DICKEY-john Multi Function Joystick or ControlKING Joystick for plow and hoist control.

Add on individual hydraulic sections for plow and hoist control

Each hydraulic section is dual control (plow up/down)

Hydraulic flows range for each section available for 1-32 gallons per minute

Optional auger reversing valve

Manual override standard for each section

Optional pressure shock relief for each high pressure work part 460-5075 psi

Compatible with load sense and fixed displacement hydraulic systems

Proportional operation

Deutsch electrical connections for environmental seal

All SAE hydraulic connections are conveniently located on the top side