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Multi Function Joystick

One control system for multiple functions

The DICKEY-john Multi Function Joystick controls all hydraulic plow functions in one system. It provides multi axis proportional control for up to four independent hydraulic functions on a vehicle. The joystick also features an emergency wing extract switch and a convenient 12-volt outlet for accessories.

The system consists of the joystick armrest assembly, armrest mounting hardware, main control module, and harnessing to control the front plow and hoist. Add a slave module to this system for wing and scraper functions.


  • Multi axis
  • Controls up to four functions
  • Grip with "safety" trigger to initiate movement of hydraulic function
  • Four independent switches for independent functions
  • Auto Wing Retract
  • Can be used for auger/conveyor reverse
  • Armrest attaches to driver seat to maximize cab space
  • LED indication for function selected
  • Truck ignition key enables joystick functionality
  • Automatic power up diagnostic test of all system components