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HD 4180

An all-in-one hydraulic motor and valve assembly

The DICKEY-john HD 4180 is a combination hydraulic motor and proportional hydraulic valve used in conjunction with a ground speed control system. Use on planters and air seeders to rotate the seeding shafts instead of using ground-driven gear boxes.

Utilizing hydraulic and ground speed systems allow for manual or variable rate adjustments to the seeding population per acre while moving through the field.

There is no need to change sprocket rations or gear box settings to adjust population. Simply set the desired application rate with the ground speed control system, which will automatically adjust the hydraulic flow to the HD 4180.

• 0-4 gpm hydraulic flow delivers 4-180 rpm at 1,400 inch pounds of torque.

• Eliminates ground drive system to rotate seeding shafts.

• Install up to four units in series to control multiple planter sections or fertilizer application.

• Interface with a ground speed control system for variable rate control of planter and fertilizer application in the field.

• Manual override of hydraulic flow in the event of electrical failure.